Sunday, December 18, 2005

Well, grandchild # 8, Drake Dean Baker arrived in a very timely manner on the 12th of December. Of course he is a cutie and was very big (6 lbs. 2 oz) for being induced 19 days early. My daughter and her husband's first child and they are pretty proud parents. My daughter is quite little and has never dealt very well with pain of any kind but she was a trooper and did as well as anyone could do. We got to the hospital about 2:45 pm and I sat with her while she was having contractions. About an hour later she told me she thought she had to push. I told her husband that maybe he should call the nurse to check her and we left the room so she could have some privacy.

In went the big light and the stuff for baby and Drake was born at 4:19. LOL I was so glad we got there in time and honestly thought we might have a long wait before the baby would be born. Roni proved to us all that she is a lot stronger than we thought she was. After a month of worry from the whole family Drake's birth was quick and uneventful!

I will be glad when Christmas is over. There is simply way too many things going on and I like my quiet, boring farm life. The kids come here every year for a Christmas brunch and then we all go to the G's for Christmas supper. It is so much fun now with the kids getting old enough to really enjoy getting presents.

I thought I was done Christmas shopping but when I was wrapping gifts today I discovered that some of the little ones didn't have as much as some of the others so a quick trip to town evened things up. I think now I really am done with my shopping. I hope so anyway.

Till next time, Gma Beymer

Thursday, December 08, 2005

News and Weather

Snow snow snow!
Been quite a while since I blogged anything. I hate it that we are just so darned busy all the time. Why is it that we had almost no rain from July on and now that the rain is snow there is hardly a day goes by we don't get at least a few flakes. GRRR I hate winter in Iowa. The tractor is broke and Ron is working on it when he can but there is never time. We are lucky that we haven't had any huge amounts of snow or I would be screwed getting to work.

We have been trying to get the snow fence up and thank God Ron did get the posts in before the ground froze. Last weekend we butchered 3 of the 5 hogs and had hoped to get the last 2 done this weekend but that is a negative. We also have 2 tagged deer hanging in our trees and we need to get them cut up and in the freezer too. I have an Xmas party for work at 3:30 on Friday, a grandson's birthday party on Friday night. A wedding/reception at 5 on Saturday and another wedding reception at 6:30! Sunday we have another grandson's birthday party in Council Bluffs and then Monday it will be back to work to get rested up! :o)

We have had a lot of exciting things happening in our family! Looks like we will be meeting grandchild #8 on Monday or Tuesday. Our youngest child (Roni) will be getting induced with her first on Monday. Can't wait to meet little Drake! Also Roni's husband got a new job with his company. He really wanted this job and the money will be nice too. My 2nd daughter Steph got a good offer on there house so if the inspection goes through we will probably be moving her family the middle of January. I am going to start praying now for good weather! :o) Our grandson Parker (my 1st daughter's child) is in preschool but the little stinker is so smart they started him in kindergarten reading. Hopefully while he is gone to that some of the preschool kids will get a chance to answer some of the questions in class. I guess Parker answers everything! ha ha ha

We also have been having some auto problems too. Ron forgets to shut his scanner off in his PU so the other day he discovered his battery was dead. The PU is a huge crew cab dually so at 10 MPG it is an expensive yard orniment most of the time. Then because my 300M does not do well in snow I was going to take my old car Little Blue to work yesterday. Ron had started it earlier and let it warm up for about 15 minutes before going to work. About an hour later I went out to start it again and the battery was dead. Had to call Gpa to come take me to work and then of course he had to pick me up again and take me back home. We have had Little Blue for 9 years and only put one battery in her so it was time. She always starts and always gets me home no matter how bad the weather is. She has been a great car!

Been freezing cold here for way too many days and I am sick of it. Might warm up to above freezing by the weekend. I hope so. Spring can't get here fast enough for me. We have mares due to foal starting in February and I sure hope it won't be this cold then! Guess that is it for now. School is 2 hours late today and it has been snowing tiny flakes since about 6 last night. As I look out right now it is snowing pretty hard! YIKES! I hate to admit it but I am ready for a snow day so I can get gifts wrapped for Christmas! I hate wrapping gifts. I think it is because it reminds me of wrapping meat! Have a good one!

Gma Beymer

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Last month Recap!

WOW, I guess it has been a while. 2 of my daughters have been on me to blog so I better write something. In my defense, I really never wanted to blog in the first place but they made me. Never too much exciting stuff going on around here hence the name of my blog.

To recap the last month in no particular order here are a few things that have happened to me. We finally got that %#$@& grain bin floor done! Took every free minute for over 2 months but got it finished about 12 hours before our renter needed it to start dumping grain in. Ron was so relieved to get that project done that he started right in on getting the forms set up to pour concrete along the entire north side of the house. 6 days after finishing the grain bin the cement truck was here and we were getting that finished. I got home from work on Friday at 1:10 PM and by 1:15 PM I had changed and had my boots on and was screeting off the cement. Boy was I tired that night. 5 yards laid and just Ron, my dad and me to get it done. We never could have done it without dad and it sure looks nice. We have not been able to use the north door since a year ago last August so this is a real treat!

We also weaned baby Beau (as Sydney our 2 year old granddaughter calls him). He is our mini red roan overo stud colt and is about the prettiest pony I have ever seen. We need to sell him to someone that would treat him like a beloved dog but if we don't I can't say I will be sorry. :o)

My folks went on a Bus Tour to Washington DC a few weeks ago and we had their youngest child Tyke while they were gone. He is a rat terrier and is always good when he is here. This was when we were working on the grain bin so it was nice to have an excuse to get away for a few hours when we picked them up. We decide to eat at the casino and Ron and my mom both won a nice amount of money. Of course I lost my $20 in a hurry and my dad (a very smart man) never gambled a cent!

Been doing just a little Xmas shopping but have a long way to go. I think we might go the day after Thanksgiving. I hate shopping and we all know that is called the BIGGEST shopping day of the year but honestly, I don't think it is much more hectic than any other day after Halloween.

My youngest daughter's baby shower was a few weeks ago. She received a lot of beautiful things. It was a nice shower and will be the last shower for our family till the next generation of kids come a long and start to get married and have kids of their own. They don't know what the sex is of the baby so there was a lot of clothes of greens and yellows . Really beautiful colors!

Speaking of Thanksgiving all the family will be here for the feast Thanksgiving night. Sounds like the weather could be pretty crappy but with them changing the forecast all the time I hope it will change for the better and not the worse. Had our first little storm of the season last Tuesday. Got a few inches of snow but it was the wind that made it really nasty. Most of the snow melted yesterday and I hope the rest of it will go today. I know there must have been a lot more exciting stuff that has happened in the last month but can't think of it right now.

Till next time,
Gma Beymer

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bad luck and why are we all so busy?

A week ago last Tuesday I had a fight with a barbed wire fence and the barbed wire won. As usual, it was 10 after 5 and I needed some stitches so off to the ER we went. My DR. happened to be there so he stitched it up for me. Only 3 stitches (should have had 4) so I said don't deaden it, just do it. I hate those damn deadening shots because that hurts way more than some needle pricks. Of course it had been a few years since my last tetanus shot so I got another one of those too.
Fast forward to yesterday when I got them out. I told the Dr. when he put them in it would lay back open when they came out and they did. At least it was half way healed so at least my bone and fat isn't exposed anymore. I also have had my usual October cough so I got a couple heavy duty meds for that too so I did at least kill 2 birds with one stone.
My family has had a lot of excitement in the last few weeks. My middle daughter and her family are putting their house on the market and moving to DM. Her husband is already working in DM so Steph has become a widow of sorts. She can do it as she is a very strong person and a great mother. I just wish it was during the summer when I am off work so I could help her more. She will be leaving so many great friends but she will now be living very close to her 2 sisters. As for us, it is just a little bit farther for us to visit but sadly we are so busy we don't find much time to visit any of our kids. I hope this will change in the near future. They will remember this when we are in the nursing home and then they will be too busy to visit us. :o( Payback is hell!
This had been the year for horses getting hurt too. We love our horses but this week has been one of those why the hell do we have them weeks! I have a feeling that next week will be one of those too. :o)
Our grandson Parker turned 5 last week and his party is Sunday. Can't wait to see all the kids and grandkids. Next time will probably be Thanksgiving. We are so lucky that with 4 kids, they are all close enough to visit for a day. Better go get chores done.
Gma Beymer

Friday, October 07, 2005

More Boring Stuff

WOW, call me the slacker! Pretty boring around here, same old same old! We have 3 grain bins we rent out every year and poor hubby has been working on the big one for several weeks now. It is the fancy one with the dryer in it and the floor buckled up and that is NOT a good thing. I just wish I could help him out with it but he says I can't. His doing this puts everything else on hold and we have so much to do before winter hits us. The way it feels this morning Old Man Winter might not be that far off either! YIKES!
We need to get the automatic waterer hooked up and to do this we have to poor a small slab of cement. We also need to divide a horse lot with a new fence. We can string wire anytime but he have to get the posts in before the ground freezes. Then, we also needed to get all the cement poured on the north side of the house. This is a BIG project. I am betting this doesn't get done. Also, we burn wood for heat and we haven't got the chimney cleaned out yet and we don't have the old gas furnace hooked up yet either so we basically have NO heat till we get this done. I highly suspect that my hubby will never hook up the old gas furnace again. We went last winter without it and I don't think he wants to bother with hooking it up. I told him it WOULD be hooked up or I would be calling a furnace company to come install a new one. He knows my threats are just threats so he doesn't worry about it but he may get an expensive surprise this year! We only run the old furnace maybe 12 hours a year but it is nice to have if we need it. Last winter was a nightmare because our wood was crap that we had to burn. this year we have a nice supply of good wood waiting to burn stored in the old corn crib.
My kids have all been so busy the last month. My one daughter's hubby is looking for a new job. The one he really wanted didn't work out but he does have a job where he used to work if he wants it. She baby-sits and I know what a hard job that is. My PG daughter is getting bigger and bigger. I can't wait to see her at my grandson Parker's B-day party later this month. My oldest daughter has been so busy at work. She has a great job and is climbing that corporate ladder! YOU GO GIRL! She is also busy with 2 small kids and teaches scrapbooking along with Sunday school and is involved with the choir. All my girls are busy doing great things. My son is working long days and in his spare time is racing his motocross bike! Will he ever grow up?
School this year is just like every other year. Been hotter than hell in the kitchen and finally starting to cool off. That is the ONE thing I like about winter, the workplace is bearable. I need to get back to work on my house but I just can't seem to get back with the program. Oh well, maybe tomorrow????
Till next time,
Gma Beymer

Monday, September 19, 2005

Time flies when you are having fun...NOT

Long time no blog!

It has been too long since I have been here and I can't remember all that has happened in my exciting life so I will go from here I guess! Had a wonderful time at my granddaughter's 3rd birthday party. Everyone was there but our 2 oldest free grandkids and it had been a long time since we all have been together. . I could not get over how much all the grandkids had grown. We will be heading down to Indianola again in October for Parker's birthday bash.

We stopped at another daughter's house in DM so we could see the baby nursery. It was so beautiful and my daughter Roni is growing quite nicely. :o) Roni loves to paint her house with bold, rich colors and her home is very colorful. She is trying to get everything done before the baby arrives at the end of the year.

I have spent over 40 hours getting pictures ready to send in to APHA to register 5 of our foals this year. I have everything ready and hopefully will get it all emailed to APHA tomorrow. Ron doesn't have a clue how much work this is. After I get that done I need to get them advertised on different places on the net. THAT, is not fun either and takes a great deal of time. Not sure how well they will sell this year with the way the economy is. If not I guess we will hold on to them for a while longer. ANYONE WANT TO BUY A HORSE RIGHT NOW?

Sunday the G's came up for our regular Sunday morning gab session. While they were here hubby and I canned apples. Ended up with 5 quarts and 10 pints. Not sure if we are going to do any more this year or not. Later that afternoon my daughter from Council Bluffs, her husband and their 2 boys came out. I wasn't sure if they were coming or not but they did and Cory spent a few hours fine tuning my PC. Fed them supper and they left for home. I am so lucky to have 2 SIL's that can do PC stuff. Lord knows I can really mess it up sometimes.

Friday is grandparents day at the school where I work. We feed about 80 extra for breakfast and over 100 extra for dinner. I know I will be resting on Saturday after that. It is always fun but I am glad when it is over with. After doing this for 14 years I don't get too worked up about it any more.

Funny thing happened today with another granddaughter. My son's daughter Sydney was at her other grandma's house today and told her other grandma she was going to call her grandma Shari (me). I guess she has gotten quite good with the phone and Marge thought she knew my number because soon she was talking away on the phone. After a while she said good bye and hung up. Then the phone rang right away and it was a 911 operator. I guess she had called 911 . The operator had asked if her mommy was there and she said no, she is at work. Then the operator had asked if her daddy was there and she said no, he was at work. Grandma Marge explained what had happened and that everything was fine. GEEZ, I have 5 phones in my house and I better keep a sharp eye on here next time she is here for a visit! Sydney is 2!

Till next time,
Gma Beymer

Monday, September 05, 2005

Yep, boring holiday weekend!

As always, it has been awhile. Today was a day off for me so I just laid around in my PJ's all day and did nothing. ha ha ha ha Patched hubby's jeans which translates into about making a new pair for him. It is time for him to get some more and retire his GOOD jeans to work jeans.

Yesterday I gave the dogs haircuts (3 of them anyway) and today we gave Baby Beau (the mini/Shetland pony) a haircut too. He went from a dark red roan to a very light red roan. For a little guy he sure can fight. Took 2 of us to hold him down. After a while he decided to just lay there and let us have his way with him. He has a bad haircut and I guess I can't blame him for putting up a fight.

I can't wait for Sunday to come. Our granddaughter Emma will be a whole 3 and they are having a Thomas the Tank Engine birthday party for her. Our family has not gotten together since the 4th of July but with gas prices and just being busy it hasn't worked out. I hope everyone can make it there and I look forward to seeing all the grandkids and also seeing how BIG my daughter has gotten. As most of you know she is due with her first the 31st of December!

Guess that about does it for now. I hate it that everyone is so busy all the time.

Gma Beymer